US Chickens Processed in China And Shipped Back Here!! (Scary)

US Chickens Processed in China And Shipped Back Here!! (Scary)
US Chickens Processed in China And Shipped Back Here!! (Scary)

This is incredibly difficult news. It’s been approved that chickens who have been raised in the US are now authorized to be shipped to China for processing and shipped back to the US for consumption. Worse yet, after the initial approval, the USDA won’t even continue to inspect the processing plants in China!

Very, very disturbing since the Chinese are not known for their food safety. For example:

This from United Voice…”China’s food safety system has come into question many times in the recent past, from the thousands of Chinese children who have suffered illnesses from China’s tainted milk products, to dangerously high levels of mercury in their baby food, to the rat and other small mammal meat disguised in other Chinese meat products. Are you concerned? We are.”

And now we’re sending them our chicken to process to send back to the US for us to feed our families??? It is absurd and is clearly motivated by the cheap labor available in China vs the US. The worst of it is that as consumers, we don’t even have the opportunity to choose which processed chicken to avoid since the chicken won’t be required to be labelled that it was processed in China.

To speak further about this distressing concern…. The Huffington Post went on to say:

“Consumers who wish to avoid Chinese-processed chicken are out of luck, since companies will not be required to label where the processing took place if the processed chicken is further processed in this country – in other words, added to foods like soups, frozen entrees or chicken nuggets.”

When I read the article that I’ve linked for you below, I went nuts. I knew you had to read it right away too.

This is really scary stuff… Please get the full story below…

US Chicken Brands Now Shipping From China

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