Toilet Paper Alternatives

Toilet Paper Alternatives
Toilet Paper Alternatives

( – Well here we are in this very scary, very unpredictable health crisis. Covid-19 has invaded our world, our country and our neighborhoods. What happens when we need to stay in our homes for possibly a long period of time? What do we need?

One thing for sure is we’re going to need to continue to eat and drink and we’re going to use our bathrooms. Yikes!

No secret. Everybody needs toilet paper and running out will not be fun…

No Fear! No need to hoard TP. There are some really, really good alternatives that will either cut down the amount of TP you need or eliminate it altogether:

  • If you have only a small amount of TP but the job needs more, try wetting your bottom with a good spray of water first. Here are good portable bidet spray options you can buy from Walmart, Amazon or most of the big box stores: Walmart’s hand held spray bottle designed for either men or women or Amazon’s, hygenic sprayer – Either option is under $30.
  • If you don’t want to use a squeeze bottle, and want a continuous flow of water and you’re willing to do a small installation, Here are two options for an installed bidet sprayer: Walmart’s easy install toilet attachment – Under $80 or Amazon’s self cleaning toilet sprayer attachment – Under $50
  • Another option that’s in-between the nozzles above and the full on bidet seat below is a more advanced installed bidet sprayer that allows for additional cool features. It’s from Amazon: It has an adjustable water pressure and does not require a plumber – Under $50
  • If you have no TP or Kleenex tissues and don’t want to start tearing up your paperback books, try these bidets and bidet seats that attach to your existing toilet.
    • They’re way pricier than the either the hand held types or the toilet attachment, but the water is basically free flowing with hot and cold options and they’re sooo convienent.
    • Unless you’re pretty handy, you’ll need a plumber. And once you get past the sticker shock of these wonderful, magic toilet seats, you may never want to be without a bidet again.
    • Here are two options: Both options have similiar features – adjustable water pressure and adjustable water and seat temperature (yup – warm seat!), and soft close lids: Walmart’s or Amazon’s  – Either option is under $350.

So when you go to the store and see empty shelves where toilet paper used to be, don’t despair! You have smart alternatives!

Stay safe out there!

~Here’s to Your Healthy Pursuits!

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