Tips For Shaving Your Face


So Yay! You decided to try shaving your face. Proud of you I am!

To make your first go at it a huge success, I’ve written some tips that should help you to enhance and enjoy your experience.

Shaving Tips:

  1. First, pluck those few, coarse, stubbly hairs on your chin. I have 6 of the little darlings
  2. TEST
  3. Use a brand new, never used before, manual blade razor each time you shave your face. (You’ll shave about once a week — maybe twice/week)
  4. Use razors with 3 or more blades — whatever your preference
  5. Razors for sensitive or women’s razors seem to work best
  6. Use warm water and rinse your razor after 2-3 strokes
  7. TEST
  8. Shaving creme can be used but I prefer just water because the creme clogs up the razor so quickly
  9. Use light pressure… just like for your legs
  10. If you have a magnifying mirror, use it so you can see that hard to see fuzz
  11. If you have any significant bumps or open blemishes, don’t shave them
  12. TEST
  13. Be careful to not accidentally shave your eyebrows or hairline
  14. Rinse and dry your face
  15. Use your favorite moisturizer and enjoy the smooth feel of your glowing skin!