Getting enough sleep is important to prevent:

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How Many of Your Daily Calories Should Come From Saturated Fats?

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Adults should get 2 1/2 hours of aerobic activity every...

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What controversial compound is added to drinking water in many cities?

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Which common toxin found in the home is an Endocrine Disruptor?

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What artificial sweetener may also be effective as an insecticide?

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We can lower our risk factor for The US #1 killer, Heart Disease, through..

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The best kind of fitness activity for health is...

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The ability of the brain to change the way it thinks is called:

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What percentage of people who use self-help materials make positive life changes?

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How many Americans have experienced a mental health issue?

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What is the number one reason why people may not seek mental health care?

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The two essential traits of successful relationships are:

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In older adults, having friends decreased rates of:

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What US state's residents give the most charitable donations?

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Humans start to understand friendship at what age?

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Studies show that learning to understand ourselves increases our ability to:

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People with a sense of purpose outlive those without a sense of purpose by:

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Studies have shown that the following can reduce inflammation and boost immunity:

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Positive thinking and optimism can reduce an adult's risk of death from disease an average of:

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