Your Game Changer

Are you “most people?” Is average what you’re aiming for? Average health, average relationships, an average lifespan? You wouldn’t be reading this page if that were true.

You can’t even get to average unless some people are doing better and some are doing worse. You’re here because you don’t want to leave the quality of your life to luck or the genetics of Uncle Bob. So what do you do?

It’s usually not the big whopping bad decisions that most affects us in the long run. It’s the little stuff that screws up our lives. Small choices repeated day after day become lifelong habits that make us who we are, what we do and how we feel.

You clearly want to improve the odds of beating “average.” You want better than average health, better than ok relationships, and you want to live better and longer and more vibrantly than mere “average”. You’re already on your way up by taking the Wellness IQ Quiz and letting us know that raising your Wellness IQ is important to you.

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If it’s not there yet, keep reading and gain some further insight while you wait:

Wellness is so much more than mere Physical Health. There are 5 Pillars that represent your Wellness Score and your knowledge about each determines your Wellness IQ. Why is your Wellness IQ so important? Your Wellness IQ directs your daily life choices and it is those choices that determine your overall quality of life.

The 5 Pillars of Your Wellness IQ:

Mental Wellness
The mental dimension of wellness includes developing a healthy personal philosophy, maintaining a learning aptitude and establishing a base of useful knowledge. Gaining free access to one of the largest compilations of wellness information on the internet will undoubtedly raise your Mental Wellness IQ.

Physical Wellness
The physical dimension of wellness includes your overall physical health, physical fitness and appearance. Starting with physical health, a wellness approach would not be to simply avoid sickness and disease, but to know that your health is always fleeting and your body is always under attack. You have more control than you think. Through timely information that we make available to you on a daily basis, gaining ongoing awareness of both your external and internal environment will raise your Physical Wellness IQ and get you on the path to improve your physical health.

Spiritual Wellness
The spiritual dimension of wellness includes becoming aware of your life’s purpose, developing your innate gifts and using your talents in a positive way and getting in touch with your spirituality. Operating “on purpose” and using your talents can be spiritually lifting and tremendously positive as compared to merely getting by, pleasing others, or surviving. Your Spiritual Wellness IQ and overall sense of peace and wholeness can be raised by raising your Spiritual Wellness IQ.

Social Wellness
The social dimension of wellness includes the careful creation and maintenance of healthy and positive relationships, our contribution and involvement in the community and our impact on our surroundings or environment at large. Gaining insight as to how to raise your Social Wellness IQ is important because healthy relationships are clearly tied to your longevity.

Lifestyle Wellness
The lifestyle dimension of wellness includes our work and workplace, our leisure time and our home environment. As most of us will spend more than half our lives at our workplace, and the remaining time at our home environment, — what we do at either¬† matters immensely to our wellness. Learning how to raise our Lifestyle Wellness IQ through new, creative approaches will make an enormous difference to our daily lives.

Reaching a particular level of health and life satisfaction that we defined for ourselves in each piller could also be considered as achieving Wellness. It is different for everyone.

How do you assess your own wellness?

– Do you have a positive learning aptitude?
– Do you eat mostly natural, unprocessed food whenever possible?
– Do you seek preventative, natural, alternative and holistic therapies over chemicals?
– Do you exercise at least 3 times per week?
– Are you making enough time each day to relax, reflect, sleep and renew yourself?
– Have you dissolved destructive relationships?
– Are you prepared for the possibility of a natural or unnatural disaster?

If you can answer “yes” to most of these questions, you’re doing well. Keep it up! There’s lots more to learn on your life’s journey.

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