Protect Your Gifts From Parking Lot Thieves – Here’s How…

Protect Your Gifts From Parking Lot Thieves…Here’s How…
Protect Your Gifts From Parking Lot Thieves…Here’s How…

( – You try to be careful. You are aware of your surroundings. You tuck the gifts you bought into your car under some jacket or blanket or some covering and then you lock up your car and head back to the store.

You come back to your car and there’s no evidence of break-in, but all your gifts are gone! How could this happen??? Believe it or not, there is a really simple fix to this potential disaster and you must do it right now — every time you leave your car.

Not just during holidays, but always. There is never a good time to lose your sunglasses, your computer or any other important item you left behind in your car.

The secret is to never, never, never lock your car with your remote! Potential thieves are scanning for your remotes’s signal. Lock your car the old fashioned way by pushing down on the lock button manually or lock it with your key. There is no signal to scan, and short of them breaking a window to break in, your precious, personal items are safe.

You can unlock your car with your remote of course, and you can be confident to know that your stuff will be right where you left it.

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