Little Known Secrets to Grilling The Perfect Burger

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Burgers are a staple at any bbq. A good burger is enjoyed, a great burger is revered.

Ever wonder why your burgers aren’t always shaped well after cooking, or they aren’t as juicy or tasty as you intended? Or they’re too dense or too loose or aren’t tender?

With Memorial Day around the corner, I figured it was time to find out how to make the perfect burger… consistently. I roamed the Web reading article after article about burgers and finally ran across just the one I was looking for.

It’s blunt, it’s no nonsense and informative…they take their burgers seriously. I found out what I’ve been doing right, and (deep sigh) what I have been doing wrong.

Can’t wait for the bbq!…Happy Memorial Day America!


11 Burger Mistakes Everyone Makes

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