In Pursuit of a Flattering Swimsuit

In Pursuit of a Flattering Swimsuit
In Pursuit of a Flattering Swimsuit

Ok. I’m about 15 lbs overweight and I’m past the 1/2 century mark… but I still need a swimsuit and I’m not about to be caught in public in something my granddaughters would wear. But hey, I want to still look attractive.

What is my body type? I know that my “more than I’d like figure”┬áis mostly evenly distributed… ie the girls and my thighs are in about the same proportion. So what to do? What swimsuit do I get?

So I went on a mission and found a fabulous article that made it really clear what style swimsuit would look best on me. I hope it will help you find the perfect swimsuit for you too!

Enjoy the article and find the perfect swimsuit style for your body type like I did. Check it out…

The “No-Bull” Swimsuit Guide For EVERY Body Type

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