How You Can Appear Unattractive And Not Know It

How You Can Appear Unattractive And Not Know It
How You Can Appear Unattractive And Not Know It

Attractiveness… contrary to what many may think, is rarely related solely to external beauty. So what is it?

It’s the way we appear to others by our interactions with them. It’s what we say (or don’t say). It’s letting others shine.

Many people… according to the Web research I did,… are so focused on themselves they don’t realize how they come across to others. They actually aren’t aware that they’re acting in a self-centered manner… a manner that is very, very unattractive.

Self-centered behavior, cockiness, and arrogance makes for a pretty much one way relationship. It’s like the ‘all about me’ person is wearing blinders as to how their attitude affects others. Other people may be just too polite to call them on it. They just stop wanting to be around the self-centered one… so without understanding why, another friendship or relationship drifts away.

The good news is that self-centered behavior is not genetic (that we know of). It’s learned behavior.

So if you find that you don’t have all the long lasting relationships you’d like, or if you realize that you’re not making new friendships easily, perhaps it’s because you’re unknowingly appearing unattractive to others by your actions. You don’t have to continue that way.

The article I chose for this important subject discusses what you might be doing to appear unattractive to others and what to do about it.

Click here, and learn some different ways you can interact with others so they’ll see you as the attractive person you really are…