Going To Bed Late Could Be Killing You

Going To Bed Late Could Be Killing You
Going To Bed Late Could Be Killing You

Are you like me – a Night Owl? Except for feeling sleep deprived when I’m forced to wake up early, I figured it was just the way I’m wired and there were no other ill effects.

I just found out I was wrong. There have been actual studies done on the metabolic changes to our body when we stay up to the wee hours of the morning. These are not good metabolic changes. Sure got my attention!

I’ve linked for you a compelling article from our friends at Wellness.com that has me rethinking my sleep patterns.

If you’re a Night Owl or know someone who is, this article may be a real eye opener and you may consider starting to get shut eye a whole lot earlier.


Check it out below…


Are You a Night Owl? It Could be Killing You

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