Coronavirus And Its Variants – How To Lower Your Risk

Coronavirus And Its Variants - How To Lower Your Risk
Coronavirus And Its Variants - How To Lower Your Risk

( – Regardless is you’re vaccinated or not, there are 3 things you need to pay attention to if you want to minimize your risk of getting the Coronavirus or it’s variants.

The Coronavirus is not some nightmare that mysteriously sneaks up on you. What it is, is a virus that you have a really good chance of avoiding if you follow these tips.

  1. Wash your hands (pay close attention to your fingertips) if you touch ANYTHING before touching your face
    • Your eyes, nose or mouth are the entry system for the virus – only touch your face if you just washed your hands or used sanitizer
    • Wipe down door knobs, stair railings, and flat surfaces that you touch at home

2. Keep your immune system strong

3. Enjoy your life

    • Enjoy the time with your family – play with them
    • Listen to music – fill your soul with beauty
    • Read inspiring books. Watch funny movies, sitcoms – laugh a lot
    • Believe that “this too shall pass”
    • Be productive – continue your focus on work or school through electronics – catch up on projects around the house

The Coronavirus is one more challenge that we’re facing in our life. Like any other challenge we’ve ever faced, if we approach it with courage, information, an adaptable attitude, and appropriate action, we will ride out this difficult time and regain and rebuild.

Stay safe out there!

~Here’s to Your Healthy Pursuits!

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