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How we feel physically, mentally and emotionally affects the way we age. With so much information (much of it conflicting) available on the Web, we all need a resource to carve out the best advise for us to consider. Wellness Pursuits is just that. We are on a daily quest to bring you, our dear readers, the most useful, solid information we can find. We hope that our insights will raise your awareness so you can make better choices and help guide you to Feel Your Best.

Breakfast-for-Dinner? 7 Easy, Healthy, Yummy Ideas

Breakfast-for-Dinner? 7 Easy, Healthy, Yummy Recipies

Over the years, I have occasionally reached for cereal for dinner. Quick, easy, and low in calories. It's an instant, satisfying go-to choice, but due...
Foods That Match Your Fitness Goals

Foods That Match Your Fitness Goals

All my life I've gone through fitness-related food cycles. The cycles fluctuate...I may spend months in a semi-conscious state of focus when it comes...
What Makes Some Couples Sooo Happy

What Makes Some Couples Soooo Happy

We all want to be happy in our relationships, but happiness isn’t something you achieve overnight. Even if the chemistry is there, the physical...
Don't EVER Say This at Work

Don’t EVER Say This at Work

We want people to respect us... We want to be viewed as competent... And, we want who we really are to come through when...
Get Slimmer With These 10 Foods In Your Fridge

Lose Weight Without Food Choice Frustration

What causes weight loss or weight gain? Let's cut through all the mystery. What we're talking about is food choices...don't turn off here...I promise...

This Tiny Habit Will Rock Your World

by Michal Stawicki The definition of tiny habit says it’s an activity that: -you do at least once a day, -takes you less than 30 seconds, -requires little...
What Good Things Happen When You Start Being Nice To Yourself?

These Good Things Happen When You Start Being Nice To Yourself

We're so used to doing for others it can sometimes be difficult to take the time to be nice to ourselves too. After a...
Want a Happy Life? - 3 Things To Avoid

11 Habits of People With Secret Depression

Those who have lived with depression for much their lives, have a unique way of viewing their place in the world. There appears to...
Things Happy People Avoid

10 Easy Things You Can Do to Turn a Bad Day Around…Fast!

Everyone has bad days now and then. Something happens to dampen our spirits and we're in a slump. No surprise...we'd rather have a good...
How To Air Dry Any Hair Type So it Looks Amazing...

How To Air Dry Any Hair Type So it Looks Amazing…

I have slightly wavy hair with a mind of it's own. Two of my sisters have absolutely straight hair and my third sister has...

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