Busy Brain… 5 Things Your Brain Does While You Sleep…

6 Brain Aging Foods To Avoid
6 Brain Aging Foods To Avoid

As I’m getting older, I see the exterior evidence on my face and body (I’m reluctantly admitting this). Although I can’t look inside my brain, I sure want to know that it’s chugging along happily in there.

I am very aware of how my brain is behaving while I’m awake…some days I feel really sharp, and other days I have to wade through some fog to get through the day. I know of course, that adequate sleep is really important to my over-all health, and I do try to turn off my usual stream of consciousness thoughts when my head hits the pillow at the end of the day.

I know that even when I’m sleeping my brain is working on something, and I was curious to learn more about that. What really is going on in my brain while I’m sleeping? The bountiful Web provided a really good article that helped me understand what that brain of mine is up to when I’m not paying attention…what critically healthful things it’s doing while I sleep.

I found it fascinating…click on the link to read the article and see what you think…


5 Amazing Things Your Brain Does While You Sleep

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