Attention Chocolate Lovers!—12 Crazy Good, Healthy Chocolate Bars

7 Surprising Benefits of Chocolate
7 Surprising Benefits of Chocolate

I do love chocolate. The darker the better. Lucky for me, dark chocolate has the least amount of sugar and therefore the least amount of calories. It’s my go to ‘dessert’ that enables me to avoid pastries and even carb-ladened fruit.

I’m always hunting for the richest and most flavorful chocolate, and I was so happy to run across an article on the Web that not only described each of their 12 picks but also included a link to go find them. Yay!

The best news about the chocolate chosen in the article is that they’re all ‘clean.’ No GMO’s, no additives, no preservatives, no funky sweeteners other than a little cane sugar, and no mysterious flavorings or color. This is a treasure trove I found for sure. I hope you love it too…

Click on the article below to meet your new chocolate fix…


The 12 Best “Clean” Dark Chocolate Bars

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