9 Ways To Supercharge Your Relationship Right Now

9 Ways To Supercharge Your Relationship Right Now
9 Ways To Supercharge Your Relationship Right Now

We’re almost through this year (can you believe it?) and hopefully some of our New Year resolutions from January have been met — but some are probably still hanging out there.

It’s the perfect time to renew some old resolutions as well as start to make new goals for next year. Let’s get some good stuff going that will carry us through the end of the year.

It’s common to focus on ‘me’ type goals… my weight, my fitness, my health, my fulfillment, my fun. Common yes, but let’s do something wild and add “supercharge our relationship” to that list.

Just like your health is dependent on how well you take of yourself, the health of a relationship is just as dependent on how well it’s cared for too.

If you think about yourself as one person and your partner as another person and the combination of the two of you (your relationship) as a third person, you can better see the relationship as a living, breathing entity that requires continuous flexibility, awareness and care to thrive.

I scoured the Web until I found the right article that would express this hugely significant concept the very best. I feel very fortunate to have found not just a good article, but a great one that I’ve linked for you below.

Thank you to Theresa E DiDonato Ph.D. and Psychology Today for bringing such wonderful insight with a simple “to do” list that will literally supercharge your relationship with new life starting right now.

So let’s go into the tail end of this year… 2017… with the resolve to make a good relationship even better or a stagnant or deteriorating relationship healthy and vibrant again.

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9 Ways to Improve Your Relationship This Year

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