8 Odd Reasons You Choose The Partner You Do

8 Odd Reasons You Choose The Partner You Do
8 Odd Reasons You Choose The Partner You Do

If you’ve had the good fortune to have found your forever partner in high school or earlier, this subject may not be interesting to you.

For the rest of us, when it comes to relationships we seem to gravitate to a certain ‘type’. Big question… why?

I was curious to learn if there is any science behind our choosing a certain person as your partner. After a bit of a search, I learned that “there are actually several scientific and psychological components that can contribute to you swooning over a preferred brand of soulmate.”

Science eh? So what are the factors that lead us to choose a certain “type” in a partner?


Thanks to livestrong.com for bringing us the following list:

  1. Your Friends and Family: If their opinions matter to you it puts weight on your choice
  2. Your Chemistry: Hormones play a strong role in who you attract
  3. Your DNA: You’re most likely to be attracted to someone similar to yourself
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  5. Your Common Ground: Your background and your interests strongly attract the same
  6. Your Gender Archetype: How feminine or how masculine do you see yourself?
  7. Your Body Odor: “…your body wants you to be attracted to someone who doesn’t smell like you”
  8. Your Features = Your Doppelgänger: We seem to be most attracted to someone with similar features to either ourselves or to our parents
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  10. Your History: Oddly, you’re attracted to people who feel familiar…i.e. they can have either good and bad behaviors of family members or even behaviors you experienced in past relationships. Familiar does not necessarily mean good

I found this information fascinating. If it interests you further, click here to read the article in greater depth.