8 ‘Facts’ Everyone Believes About Their Brain That Are Absolutely Wrong

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We’ve all grown up with “urban myths”…Stories that get passed around from one person to the next to such an extent that most people learn to believe they’re true.

Well, here’s a personal example for you: From the time I was a child, I heard what I thought were facts about my brain…and now I just found out those facts are not true at all. Huge surprise! I learned this from a well documented article this morning, and I knew I had to share it with you.

To whet your appetite, I’ll give you a snippet of the article I’ve linked below…

Would you be surprised to know that the belief that people are either “Left Brain” or “Right Brain” is a myth? Here’s where that myth got started:


“The myth originated in the 1970s, from a paper by CalTech neuroscientist Roger W. Sperry. Sperry reported finding cognitive differences between the (brain) hemispheres. The media took the idea and ran with it. Sperry warned against oversimplifying or misinterpreting his findings, but by then the proverbial horse was out of the barn.”

Wow…I grew up believing that if you were a creative person you were Right Brain, and if you were more analytical you were Left Brain.

Finding out that it’s just a myth sure got my attention! If it got your attention too, and you want to read about the 7 other myths…

Click the article below and read on…


8 Brain ‘Facts’ We All Get Wrong

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