7 Worst Bedtime Snacks

7 Worst Bedtime Snacks
7 Worst Bedtime Snacks

7 Worst Bedtime Snacks

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Sometimes we end up eating really late and still want to get to sleep within a couple of hours. Or, sometimes we eat really early and need a little snack before retiring.

Either way, the choice of food to eat before going to sleep can have a major impact on both the quantity and the quality of sleep we get. I scoured the Web and identified 7 culprits that if eaten at bedtime, wreak havoc with our sleep.

Good sleep is vital to all of us, so it seemed like a really important list to share with you. I must admit… 3 of the snacks really surprised me, and I am now refraining from including them in my bedtime munchies (phooey).

Here you go:

1. Coffee — duh

2. Chocolate — (sad face)

3. Nuts — (nuts… drat!)

4. Cheese — (oh no!)

5. Soda — duh

6. Citrus (what??)

7. Alcohol — (maybe just a little?)

Let me know, in the comment section, if you found any other snacks that are robbing you of sleep. Thanks!

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