7 Things Men First Notice About Women

7 Things That Women Do That Attract Men
7 Things That Women Do That Attract Men

(WellnessPursuits.com) – What do you think men first notice about women? What makes a woman most attractive to a man? This is a timeless subject, and yet surprisingly many women ignore some really easy things that they can do to put themselves in the best light.

Think about it… what do you first notice when you see someone, man or woman?… Either someone you know or even someone you don’t? Their smile of course! If they have a pleasant look on their face, they appear open and welcoming and you feel more comfortable and safe to approach them. It’s #1 on the list!

Wow! If this article ended here, and you decided just from this that you were going to pay more attention to having a pleasant look on your face at all times, that alone would transform you into someone more approachable and yes, more noticeable.

But there is more. I promised a list of 7 things men first notice about women, so here they are:


1. Your Smile — Got that covered!

      • What to do: Think pleasant thoughts, relax your face, and smile.

2. Your Eyes — Their color, size, and shape are all part of your genetics… so what can you do to enhance them? Light mascara, nicely shaped plucked eyebrows are easy cosmetic improvements, but the most important enhancement is a smile in your eyes.

Your eyes light up when you’re genuinely happy and there is nothing more attractive to a man than that. A happy light in your eyes shows that you can be really present to him. A smile with your mouth without it showing in your eyes can be a subtle warning that either your greeting is not genuine and/or you’re carrying some baggage that can make him wary.

      • What to do: Make a habit of projecting your smile through your eyes.

3. Your Body — You may say “of course… that’s what men are really interested in.” Yes, but consider the importance of your individuality as well… the particular shape and size of your body and all its individual glorious features will appeal to a particular man who finds you and them attractive.

Some men like tall women, some prefer petite. Some men like luscious, curvy women, and other men tend to be attracted to a more slender, trimmer look.

      • What to do: Whatever body type you are, be proud of yourself, and that confidence will be noticed!
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4. Your Posture — Really? Yes, really. What does your posture say about you to others? Posture is your bearing… it reflects the way you feel about yourself. Round slouchy shoulders, indicate a lack of confidence and pride in your appearance.

      • What to do: Whether you’re 4’11” or 6’4″, stand tall and proud. Sit that way too. You can lean back and be comfortable without giving the impression that you’re folding into yourself. Don’t cross your arms, do cross your legs or keep your feet and knees together, and above all, smile!

5. Your Hygiene — Yup. This is a biggee. It may seem basic to you and a no brainer, but men notice if you look clean overall. (We’re not talking about being in a gym or participating in a sport). They notice if your teeth are freshly brushed, and your hair is trimmed and freshly washed. They notice if your nails are neat and clean, and if your face looks well tended too… clean, clear skin with only light make-up.

They also notice how you smell. Later in a relationship, your own unique smell becomes really important in the chemistry department, but that’s down the road. In the meantime for this early encounter, if you choose to wear perfume, give it a really light spritz and be wary of using any fragrant body lotion.

It permeates the skin to the point that even using just a little can fill up a room and all a man will notice is that he has to stay upwind to avoid being enveloped in a cloud of fragrance. All of these grooming things are easy to do and really noticeable when you don’t.

      • What to do: In a social setting look clean and groomed and take it really easy with fragrances.

6. Your Attitude — There is no bigger reflection of your attitude than what you say. Once you speak, no matter how fabulous you look, you can be sure that a guy will notice and decide quickly whether or not he wants to stick around to notice even more.

It’s not your tone, or your accent that will attract or repel. It’s what you choose to say. Are your words encouraging or critical? Do you sound sincere or phony? Do your words say you’re interesting without being snobbish? Do your words say you’re curious without being an inquisitor? Do you gossip or complain? Are you sounding like an upbeat optimistic person, or a pessimistic downer?

Men are primarily visual in the way they take in information, but they also are very, very good at hearing.

      • What to do: Be honest, even direct, but be kind and thoughtful when you speak. Consider the impact of your word choices on other people. Never underestimate the power of your words.

7. The Company You Keep — Your Friends. What does the choice of your friends say about you? Tons. If your friends are overbearing, gossipy or rude, no matter how you try to present yourself guys will notice and wonder why you’d be keeping company with friends like that. You pick your friends for many reasons.

      • What to do: Make good choices in your friendships so you can be proud to introduce your current friends to anyone new in your life.

OK, that’s the list. There are lots and lots of other opinions on the same subject all over the Web. If this is a topic that further interests you, you can begin by reading some other articles on this subject and add to my list or cull the items on mine you don’t agree with.

So, smile with your mouth and your eyes… stand tall, be proud of yourself… look clean and groomed… be sincere, honest and kind with your words… and be proud of the friends you keep.

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