Strength and Flexibility in Just 10 Seconds A Day…

Get 7 Amazing Results By Doing a 10 Second Plank...
Get 7 Amazing Results By Doing a 10 Second Plank...

I’ve tried all kinds of exercises to get fit and stay limber over the years, but I had never tried to do a plank until recently. Of course I’ve heard the term for years, but finally, this morning on a dare from my husband, I got down on the floor on my elbows and toes to try my first plank. He started counting… slowly it seemed… to 10. Okay, 10 seconds I could do, and I did! Wow!

Of course I was intrigued… but I wondered, if I, the non-athlete, can do these, and they’re not very hard, how good could they really be for me? My attitude was similar to Groucho Marx saying, “I would never join a club that would have me.”

So, to become armed with the information I needed to continue this planking stuff, I naturally sought wisdom from the Web. I found that this focus on the plank as a really good core builder is very real and can be beneficial to anyone of any gender or age. Who would have thought?

After reading many articles on planking, I finally found an article with photos, worthy to share with you. It has photos and instructions for newbies like me as well as for those of you who are more advanced.


I was particularly excited to learn that the plank I did this morning for 10 seconds is the perfect start for:

1) strengthening my core so I’ll soon be able to get out of soft cushioned chairs and low slung cars more easily.

2) revving up my metabolism so my body won’t hang onto food as much.

4) sucking in my tummy without it killing my back.


5) being exceptionally good for my back muscles in general.

6) contributing to flexibility and improving my posture, even my little 10 second commitment.

7) improving my mood and boost my over-all mental condition.

That’s a lot of benefit!


I’m motivated because I know now that if I can do my 10 second plank every day as a starting point, and gradually work up the time to where I can hold it for a minute or more, I’ll eventually be able to try out other varieties of planks that will give me increasingly better results.

For now, I’m a 10-second planking beginner, and I feel confident enough to continue consistently because I can do at least that. The rest will come as I’m ready.

You can do it  too!