3 High Risk Reasons You Should Never Reboil Water

Heres Why You Should Never Reboil Your Water
Heres Why You Should Never Reboil Your Water

Boiling water is both a common practice and one that is beneficial to our health. When water is boiled, some harmful substances are effectively removed. However, if for some reason the water cools, should that water be re-boiled?

The answer is no, since reboiling the water allows certain gases and chemical compounds to concentrate. These chemical reactions and proliferation of certain gasses can be harmful to our health.

In fact, there is concern amongst health professionals that reboiled water can cause certain types of cancer. Chemicals that become more concentrated include nitrates, arsenic and fluoride – these substances are toxic. Further, mineral concentration can also be harmful – concentrations of calcium salt, for example, can lead to the development of kidney stones.

The most significant risks are due to the accumulation of three toxic chemicals mentioned earlier – nitrates, arsenic and fluoride. Let’s delve into what makes these chemicals hazardous to our health.


Excessive intake of nitrates has been lined to conditions such as methemoglobinemia – an abnormal blood disorder – along with certain types of cancer. Another common way that nitrates are ingested is in the form of sodium nitrate – a preservative that is found in some processed meats, such as lunch meats, bacon and jerky. This nitrate is thought to increase the risk of heart disease and other types of illness. Sodium nitrate can potentially damage blood vessels – hardening and narrowing the arteries, leading to an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders.

When water is reboiled, nitrates in the water are reheated. This exposure to heat effectively converts nitrates into nitrosamines – a carcinogenic. Nitrosamines are shown to be harmful…

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Here’s Why You Should Never Reboil Your Water

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