12 Ways To Get An Instant Energy Boost

12 Ways To Get An Instant Energy Boost
12 Ways To Get An Instant Energy Boost

I was looking for some energy boosts that were not my typical go-to standard cup of coffee, tea or chocolate, so I wandered around the Web until I found enough really good information to give me some new, perk-up ideas.

After testing, they turned out to work well, so I thought I should pass them on to you.

I’ve really never thought about laughter, opening the curtains, going outside, or singing as an energy booster, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide what works for you. There are 12 of these treasures, and I’m going to use many of them for those sleepy afternoons. If you have any good ones to add, please comment.

12 Energy Boost Ideas Beyond Coffee, Tea and Chocolate:

  1. Drink a glass of water – add a big squeeze of lemon
  2. Find something funny and have a good laugh out loud moment
  3. Turn on the lights or open the curtains
  4. Turn on up tempo music
  5. Take a cool shower
  6. Do some jumping jacks or run in place
  7. Solve a puzzle
  8. Use eyedrops
  9. Go outside and breathe deeply
  10. Get involved in a conversation with a small group of people
  11. Take a quick 20 – 40 minute nap
  12. Sing out loud

There you have it. Wake up! Smell the coffee or whatever perks up your senses. If you find some of these 12 to stimulate your senses, you too can have both fun and productive afternoons. Works for me. It’s worth a try!