12 Ways A Man Shows His Love Without Words

12 Ways A Man Shows His Love Without Words
12 Ways A Man Shows His Love Without Words

Men and women show their feelings for each other in a myriad of ways. Some verbally and some non-verbally — what we do rather than what we say.

Do actions speak louder than words? I think yes. So, when I decided to go to the Web to see if I could find validation of this theory, I was amazed at how important this topic really is. I happily found an article that I believe best expresses verbal vs non-verbal ways of saying “I love you.”

Most women (and many men for that matter) would probably agree that men are generally more comfortable with non-verbal expressions of their feelings. As a result, we may not always hear the words or endearing phrases that we verbal women want to hear from a man. However, if we learn to listen with our eyes and not just our ears, we may truly realize how a man really feels abut us. Yes, listen with our eyes.

If we see and acknowledge what a man is DOING, rather than what he’s saying, we can get a much fuller, deeper appreciation for how much we mean to him. Most men naturally want to protect and take care of their woman. By actions such as making sure the front and back doors are locked when necessary, by taking out the garbage, carrying in groceries, running errands, etc, men are saying they love us and want to make life safer and easier for us.


There are so many ways of speaking the language of love, and for that reason it’s really important that we don’t expect that a man will always say what is in his heart. It is up to us as women to listen with other senses┬áthan merely our ears. If we do, we may recognize these signals as an abundance of loving expressions that we have never related to before…

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: 12 Ways Men Show Their Love

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