100 Super Handy Tips You’ll Use The Rest of Your Life

100 Super Handy Tips You'll Use The Rest of Your Life
100 Super Handy Tips You'll Use The Rest of Your Life

I was struggling the other day trying to figure out what container I had that was big enough to soak the ceramic bbq grates in hot water so I could clean them. I landed on a big bucket, so now I just had to get hot soapy water into it. Neither the grates nor the bucket I wanted to use would fit in the sink. Hmmmm. What to do, other than filling and refilling pots with hot water to dump into the bucket?

It occurred to me that this was a perfect opportunity to search the Web to get help for myself and find a worthy article to share with you. I found exactly what I needed, and more… so I’ll let you get right to this wonderful resource… see the article I have linked for you below to open up a world of great solutions to make life easier.

(BTW, the solution I found for my problem was to take a dustpan with a hollow handle and hold it across the top of the sink with the hollow handle pointing outward like a funnel, so the water would run from the faucet into the dustpan, out the handle and down into the bucket! — genius!)

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